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Game introduction

Game Introduction

Before the start

Travian: is played over several months.
Your first game might not last that long – it’s best to treat it as a practice.
Don’t be afraid to start over if things don’t go as you planned.
Once you are familiar with the game, your next start will go much more smoothly.


This is a game played with other people. In fact, a lot of other people. You should find friends and a good alliance as soon as possible.


The best way to find friends is by showing you can be a valuable asset.
That can be done by growing your avatar well, improving economy, resource production, growing army, and creating new villages.
Rewards from tasks and daily quests will help with that.


Not all players will be your friends, there will be some that will target you to get your resources.
At the beginning you will be protected, but prepare for war later.
Hide your army against overwhelming odds and fight only on your terms.
You will need an alliance for real protection.

Play together

You can't be checking on your avatar 24 hours a day.
A helping hand, especially one of an experienced player, can be very useful.
Be careful of who you add as your sitter or dual, they could cause a lot of damage if they are not really on yours side.


Sooner or later you will find yourself in battle.
Before the actual battle, make sure you have a huge army because the size of your army can change the result.


Some actions in the game can be cancelled, but most cannot – so think twice before you act.
It’s a strategy game after all!

Once you are familiar with the basics, you can explore the rest of our knowledge base.